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For all headband related product issues, please proceed and fill out the info below.

Other product issues
If purchased through AIAIAI web shop/flagship store: All product issues with product purchased directly from our web shop/flagship store, please proceed and fill out the info below.
If purchased through dealer: For all non-headband related product issues purchased through one of our authorised dealers (Best Buy, Apple EU, Amazon, Turntable Lab, Ghostly, Hypebeast, Eplehuset, 4 Sound, HiFi Klubben etc.) please contact dealer directly.

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To find your serial number, lift your left earcup off the headphone. All serial numbers are 4 or 8 characters. View picture

If your tma-1 does not have a serial number, type 0000 in the serial number field.

Does your tma-1 have the cable lock function?   Yes    No

To find your serial number, lift out the top part of your right earpad. All serial numbers are 8 characters. View picture

Type of defect

We can see that you have a headband issue:
In order to make the replacement process as convenient as possible, please take a picture of your headphone's headband. Then, please attach the picture together with a copy of your proof of purchase below.
Once we have received this documentation, we will examine and ship a replacement set to the address that you have provided.

Attach photo of broken headband:
Attach photo of proof of purchase (eg. reciept):
NB: Only JPEG, GIF and PNG files are supported.


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